The Practitioner's Workshops

Shopper Insights... Done Effectively

Retailers often complain that most vendors fall short on meeting their expectations to bring meaningful insights to the table that build category sales. 

And no wonder… INSIGHT is a special skill that has to be learned…

But those who master it have the ability to influence shopper behavior and grow sales!


What Will I Learn?  a few examples

  • How to find shopper insights that are relevant to my category
  • How to construct a good shopper insight
  • How to determine if the insight will pay out in incremental sales
  • How to articulate your insight so that others get it

Benefits of Attending

  • Strengthen your relationship and value with your customer
  • Understand why true insights help you grow sales
  • Learn how to tap into latent needs for your products
  • Gain practice at generating insights and how to apply them

Who Should Attend?

  • Category Managers
  • Shopper Insights
  • Analysts
  • Sales

Public Workshops

We offer public workshops in different markets based on interest level... use the email link at the bottom of this page to make an inquiry.



“Bob is constantly engaging in a process to understand the pulse of what motivates shoppers and delights consumers.  He is driven to understand beyond numbers and data… and that passion is where the real actionable insights are garnered”

Vice President, Consumer Insights

"Bob's expertise at translating insight into business action and implications really helped my team drive increased sales with our retailers"

Team Leader, Leading CPG Company

“There are few people in the CPG industry that have the ability to derive actionable insights from the myriad of data sources available and translate them into a compelling story.  Bob not only has that gift, but he also demonstrates a passion to help others learn the same”

Vice President, CPG Company


Private Workshops

We also offer private workshops exclusively for members of your company.

Key benefits:

Relevant:  We spend time up front to understand your business and challenges so that your session and learning is meaningful

Specific:  With your help, we use real data to bring your product category specifics to life for you and your team

Actionable:  We use real examples of your current, insights, customer presentations, etc. so that your team is already working against real opportunities

Pricing varies depending on the level of customization needed

Contact us to learn more about private workshops tailored specifically for your company!

email us:           call us: (510) 468-4460