The Practitioner's Workshops

Effective Presentations...

Compelling Others to Action

Why settle for LESS?

People are not naturally born to present effectively!

But those who take the time to LEARN...

Can dramatically improve their ability to create effective presentations AND present them in a skillful way that compels the audience to TAKE ACTION on the business recommendations!



“The approach to overwhelm with data and statistical facts or put nearly every talking point on a page leaves the audience numb... or worse, confused. Bob has demonstrated over and over again a passion for helping create presentations that empower the presenter to focus on the core message and make the insights memorable!”

Vice President, Consumer Insights

What Will I Learn?  a few examples

  • How to identify what's most important to your audience
  • How to create the "hook" that captures your audience's attention
  • How to leverage a proven framework to create tension and action
  • How to remove your fears and become a confident presenter

Benefits of Attending

  • Improve your ability to cut through the clutter and make your point
  • Understand what it takes to win over your audience
  • Learn the techniques that combine to make compelling presentations
  • Strengthen your ability to present comfortably and effectively

Who Should Attend?

  • Category Managers
  • Shopper Insights
  • Analysts
  • Sales


"As one of the most effective communicators I have worked with, Bob is a master at crafting compelling presentations and he knows how to engage with a customer "

Team Leader – Leading CPG Company



Public Workshops

We offer public workshops in different markets based on interest level... use the email link at the bottom of this page to make an inquiry.


Private Workshops

We also offer private workshops exclusively for members of your company.

Key benefits:

Relevant:  We spend time up front to understand your business and challenges so that your session and learning is meaningful

Specific:  With your help, we use real data to bring your product category specifics to life for you and your team

Actionable:  We use real examples of your current, insights, customer presentations, etc. so that your team is already working against real opportunities

Pricing varies depending on the level of customization needed


Contact us to learn more about private workshops tailored specifically for your company!

email us:           call us: (510) 468-4460