Our capabilities...

We know category management and

shopper insights... and we love it!!!


Our extensive experience working the front-lines   of category management on both sides of the desk - as a retailer and as a manufacturer - plus our network of strategic alliances positions us to be the right choice to help you win in the market place!

Where is your most pressing need?

  • Strategy?
  • Tactics?
  • Training?
  • Selling?

3 key pillars...

FOUNDATION:  It starts by making sure your "house is in order"... we help clients realize their company's vision of success by making sure the critical foundation is in place that allows you to compete effectively in the market place, including:

1) Finding the most effective team structure for the company

2) Establishing expectations for the requisite skill sets and competencies by role

3) Building a sustainable training & development curriculum that successfully results in increased expertise and results

4) Securing the best arsenal of tools and data to make informed decisions!

TACTICS:  Our expertise helps clients establishing winning tactics that influence shopper behavior and drive sales, including:

1) Research to identify opportunities along the path to purchase

2) Best practices for increasing shopper conversion

3) Differentiated shopper marketing campaigns that drive consumption

4) Optimized shelf flow and adjacencies that keep more dollars in the store

5) Knowing the right way to go about SKU and/or brand rationalization that doesn't allienate shoppers!

EXECUTION:  Often, our most rewarding work is helping clients become one of the best, focusing on executional excellence,  such as:

1) Leveraging best practices

2) Becoming experts at true insight generation and activation

3) Establishing impactful category selling platforms that demonstrate thought leadership

4) Compelling others to action through effective presentations

5) Helping retailers meaningfully differentiate

6) Leveraging category expertise to gain captaincy and a seat at the table!

Skill UP!  Team Optimization & Performance Solutions (TOPS)

At the end of the day, your team's ability to out-perform competition depends on their skill proficiency & execution. 

Our blended approach is designed for success...  It ensures that training sticks and gets applied in the real world!

Training is only effective when you think of it as a continual improvement process... not a single event!

Why do we train?

Because we want our people to learn new skills and competencies...

But more importantly, we train with an expectation that the training will translate to improved business results!

Our approach makes sure it does!


Often used to get the broader team up-to-speed and on the same page, using e-learning's scalable and cost-efficient platform

VIRTUAL TRAINING:  i.e. webinars

Effective way to train on single topics and short sessions, reaching multiple team members in different locations


Particularly useful for 'connecting the dots' across multiple skill topics and 're-dipping' team members via interactive exercises

ACTIVATION TRAINING:  i.e. role-play

Allows team members to hone skills and practice in realistic, yet safe environments before getting in front of the customer

MENTORSHIP:  i.e. coaching

Last step to ensure peak performance... as well as prepare high-potential employees for career advancement

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The Practitioner's Workshops  -  some of our most popular sessions

Shopper  Insights...

Done Effectively


    Retailers often complain that most vendors fall short on expectations to bring meaningful insights to the table!

    And no wonder… INSIGHT is a special skill that has to be learned… 

    But those who master it have the ability to influence shopper behavior and grow sales!

    LEARN how to find, construct & articulate your insights!

Impactful Presentations...

Compelling Others to Action


Have you ever thought about how many presentations your customer sees every week from all the different vendors?

Not to mention all of the other issues they have to deal with every day!

Your challenge is breaking through the clutter and making sure your recommendations become a priority!

LEARN proven & effective creation and delivery techniques!

Category Management...

How to Win    Today!


Keeping pace with all of the changes, including retailer sophistication, competitive threats and channel blurring isn't easy! 

If you sit idle for too long, your competiion may overtake you!

Your success depends on your agility to adapt and evolve with best-practices in an ever-changing environment!

DEFEND your category and market share with our war-gaming sessions!