Why We Do What We Do...

We know Category Management and we love it!

There is a very rewarding aspect of investing time and energy to help others become better and that is the essence of CatManHELP.com, brought to you by E ALa E Consulting!

People are not naturally born with the skill sets and the ability to perform business analytics, carry out category management work, uncover true insights or get up in front of others and present effectively in a compelling manner.

Instead, they learn over time how to do these things through training, coaching, and on-the-job experience.

CatManHELP.com was established to help others become smarter, more efficient and more effective.  The skill sets and competencies that we specialize in are unique and critical to category management and shopper insight roles.

Our reward is seeing our clients achieve success and become better at what they do as a result of the coaching and training that we provided!

Our Principles

Trust, integrity and value

Relationships are built over time and the ones that are cherished most are those that are mutually appreciative and supportive of each other.

At the end of the day, our worth is reflected in the value that we provide to our clients and our ability to meet our commitments with excellence.

Our Approach

Tailored solutions

We believe that success starts by first understanding your vision and  your needs, along with your strengths and challenges.

This gives both of us a foundation to formulate the best plan that will provide actionable content to help your team rise up and deliver better results!

Our Commitment

Exceed expectations

We promise to keep the commitments that we make with our clients and to keep you informed along the way so there are no surprises or issues.

Our work will be held to the highest standards and we will always go the extra mile to exceed expectations and gain your trust & repeat business.

Bob Keahiloa Wong

Founding Owner

I have had the fortunate opportunity to spend nearly 40 years in various roles on "both sides of the desk" in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry

MANUFACTURER:  I spent a good part of my career working for several leading CPG manufacturers in various roles including Sales Representative, Broker Manager, Sales Trainer, Category Manager and Team Director.

RETAILER:  My career began at retail where I started as a stock boy and worked my way up to category buyer, warehouse manager and eventually store manager.

CONSULTANT:  Along the way during the late 1990’s, I was very fortunate as a Category Management consultant to be in a position to help manufacturers, retailers and brokers build category management organizations, capabilities and talent.

INDUSTRY STANDARDS:  One of my proudest accomplishments was leading the Category Management Association's Certification and Training Steering Committee. Our work established for the first time ever, global industry standards and certification for category management professionals!

HELPING OTHERS:  I have been blessed with a great combination of skills and talent that translates really well into effective consulting and training. I love helping others succeed and look forward to working with you!


What's in a Name?

"E Ala E" is a Hawaiian saying that means "to rise up!"

Pronounced "eh ah-lah eh", it is the beginning of an ancient and sacred chant that is still practiced today just before dawn to welcome in the new day as the sun rises up above the horizon.

Often, Hawaiian words can have multiple meanings… in this case “ala” also refers to the path, hence “e ala e” can also announce to others a path that is found.

For these reasons and my bond with the Hawaiian culture, I chose to name my company "E Ala E Consulting" -thereby representing our purpose to help others "rise up!"


sunrise from Haleakala, Maui