2014 Workshops

What does it take to WIN with Category Management?

In today's marketplace, the most important competency for Category Management teams is their ability to: 

TRANSLATE data into meaningful INSIGHTS and ARTICULATE them via effective category STORIES that COMPEL your customers to activate them at RETAIL 

Becoming great at this core competency requires 4 skill sets:
  • Data interpretation

  • Insight generation

  • Story creation

  • Effective delivery

We can help your team Skill UP!TM
  • Private workshops customized to your business and categories!

  • Mix and match any of the four workshops into a 1-2 day event!

  • Options include role-play and/or former retailer co-facilitator

Identifying drivers and implications

1. Data Interpretation

The power of any data set lies with the user's ability to interpret the meaning within that data.

Our workshop uses a simple analytic framework:

  • What?

  • So What?

  • Now What?

Whether it be syndicated scanner or panel data, shopper loyalty data, POS, or even market research data...

We can help your team improve their ability to:

  • Identify what is driving business trends

  • Formulate business implications

  • Develop appropriate recommendations

We also help your team 'connect the dots' between disparate data sources to see the bigger picture!

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Influencing behavior to drive sales

2. Insight Generation

An "insight" starts with a new learning, that when acted upon can drive sales and growth.

When we understand what our consumers and shoppers are (or are not) thinking and doing...

We then have the ability to influence their mindset and behavior to purchase more!

Our workshop will help your team learn how to:

  • Find relevant insights

  • Construct good insights

  • Articulate them effectively

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Other Development Needs?

We can help your team skill up in many other areas too!  And we are proud to say that we have assembled arguably one of the most elite group of experts who are passionate about creating capability... not just more training!

Ken Sullivan, CMS Consulting        22+ years former P&G, IRI

Scott Matthews, Learning Evolution 25+ years learning & development

Tom Nolan, Learning Evolution        25+ years Anheuser Busch training

Getting others to see opportunity

3. Story Creation

Good story-tellers understand how to capture and keep their audience's attention.

As Category Management professionals, we need to learn how to leverage story-telling to sell our ideas.

Our workshop teaches your team how to effectively:

  • Create the hook that captures their attention

  • Leverage a proven framework to tell the story

  • Design clean, credible and compelling presentations

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Establishing credibility & presence

4. Effective Delivery

Stage presence can be half the battle to winning your customer's agreement to take action!

Presenting effectively means to present with confidence, credibility and persuasiveness.

Our workshop focuses on three key success factors:

  • Confidence to present comfortably and effectively

  • Ability to cut through the clutter and make your point

  • Understanding of what it takes to win your audience

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