The Next Evolution...

It is with great pleasure that we announce Learning Evolution and are combining forces to create a single entity.

 Our focus will be on helping our clients win in the marketplace by developing meaningful and effective capability through training and skill development.

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Skill UP!

Team Optimization & Performance

At the end of the day, your team's ability to out-perform competition depends on their skill proficiency & execution.

Our blended approach is designed for success!  It ensures that training sticks and gets applied in the real world!

A blended approach we guarantee will lift your team to new heights!

Why do we train?

Because we want our people to learn new skills and competencies...

But more importantly, we train with an expectation that the training will translate to improved business results!

Our approach makes sure you do!

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Key Competencies

To be effective and stay on top of their game, Category Managers need to continually develop and hone a core set of competencies, including:

  • Data Expertise
  • Tool Expertise
  • Category Expertise
  • Situational Analysis
  • Shopper Insight Expertise
  • Path to Purchase Expertise
  • Presentation Development
  • Story Telling | Conceptual Selling
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Insights > Implications > Action

We can help with pre- and post-skill assessments, as well as competency and skill development training!

Skill Assessments?

Unsure where your team stands in terms of Category Management skill proficiency?

We can help!  We have several instruments and flexible approaches to meet your needs and budget to appropriately assess your benchstrengths and gaps... along with recommendations to help individuals identify their near-term development path!

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2015 Workshops

What does it take to WIN with Category Management?

In today's marketplace, the most important competency for Category Management teams is their ability to:  

"TRANSLATE data into meaningful INSIGHTS and ARTICULATE them via effective category STORIES that COMPEL your customers to activate them at RETAIL"

Becoming great at this core competency requires 4 skill sets:

  • Data interpretation... i.e. Identifying drivers and implications

  • Insight generation... i.e. Influencing behavior to drive top line sales

  • Story creation... i.e. Getting others to see the opportunity

  • Effective delivery... i.e. Establishing credibility and presence

We can help your team "Skill UP!"TM

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